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About Lou

Lou Drago began his career in the automotive industry in 1996 with Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada in Cambridge, Ontario.  Through years of extensive training in Ontario and Japan, Lou developed a critical working knowledge of the Toyota Production System (TPS), a world renowned method for eliminating waste and improving efficiency in, not only the automotive, but any manufacturing environment.

While with TMMC, Lou was appointed to lead pilot teams, and apply this knowledge of TPS to oversee several model changes in the Cambridge operation and, in 2006, provide valuable ground-floor input into the creation of the TMMC operations in Woodstock, Ontario.  His extensive training in design process and equipment efficiencies assisted in creating a facility and assembly process that set the standard for the automotive industry.  Lou would eventually lead teams in the implementation of Toyota’s Floor Management Development System (FDMS): Toyota’s unique method of bringing area Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to the plant floor.

In 2013, Lou embraced, yet, another challenge:  to transfer his leadership skills and his strong understanding of Lean Manufacturing to the role of Manager of the Plastic and Paint departments of Auto Parts Manufacturing Mississippi (APMM) a Toyota supplier in Tupelo, Mississippi.  Within his first year in this role, Lou, with a dedicated team of employees, improved Scrap Rates, Repair Rates and shipment logistics to the Toyota plant in Mississippi, drastically improving the bottom line for this Toyota supplier.

In 2014, Lou took his talents to Mitchell Plastics, a Canadian-based supplier with plants in Canada the United States and Mexico, to implement Floor Management Development System and begin the task of utilizing Standard Work with the goal to reduce and eliminate variables in the manufacturing process, increase quality of final product and improve general plant efficiency. 

As a result of Lou’s initial success, Mitchell Plastics appointed him to the position of General Manager at its facility in Huntsville, Alabama.  Here, Lou organized, instructed and led a strong team in producing products of the highest standard, eliminating costly expedites and short shipments, and reducing scrap.  The end result: a lean manufacturing process and an increased bottom line.

Lou embraces challenge.  He is eager to share his knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and Floor Management Development Systems to assist your operation in improving product quality, increasing plant efficiency, reducing scrap, streamlining expedites and shipments, and, ultimately, raising your bottom line.

Lou Drago Consulting is available for an initial free consultation.

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